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Houston’s Luxury Shopping Centers Are Celebrating Lunar New Year

If you think consumers have gotten numb to the festivities and so you need to be reducing back on your spend, do not tighten your purse strings just but. Be entertained by the lively performances from a medley of festive songs, skits to interactive video games because the countdown party culminates with rousing firecrackers and a spectacular show of fireworks. Retail analyst Craig Patterson says Oakridge is nicely positioned to host group celebrations like Lunar New Year. The Chinese Reunion dinner is likely one of the most important elements throughout Chinese New Year.new year shop

Swarovski has specifically designed items to have fun the Year of the Dog, such as the blue crystal Zodiac Loyal Dog and the Chinese Zodiac Dog (a bit created to symbolize loyalty and honesty), Pepion says. Gao”, which sounds similar to the word ‘tall or excessive’, symbolizes that one will achieve new heights and transfer ahead whether …