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So nice to be back on my blog……it is quiet…..which is a brand new new new for our H M E……getting used to it now that our Tressy is married, but the tree is lit…….and the sun will be rising actual soon. A few extra on Castor Ave…Kutner Buick, Ben Weiner Studios, Tony’s Barber Shop and Welsh’s luncheonette subsequent to the Tyson Theater. There was point out of H&H (Horn & Hardart), but we had two of them: a cafeteria and retail store on the NE nook of Cottman and Large, and a sit-down restaurant just off Roosevelt Blvd. I do not know if anyone will remember, but in the mid-60’s, Pat’s Steaks (THE Pat’s Steaks) opened a shop on Cottman, somewhere between Large St. and Horrocks St. It was on the same aspect of Cottman as the Nick’s Roast Beef that opened there a while later.ladies shopladies shop

Since his shop …